I’m George Mudie, I’m lucky enough to be the Chief Information Security Officer at ASOS. ASOS sells amazing products to over 20M customers around the world and is one of the worlds largest online retailers.

Cyber Security at ASOS, is a little different from other places. Since joining in 2017, I’ve brought together risk management, responding to security incidents, identity and access management, security operations, security engineering, physically securing offices and warehouses, global fraud prevention and investigations. To do all this, I draw on the 25 years of experience I’ve gained in military intelligence, telecoms, media and ecommerce.

The security threats that we face, never stand still and there is always something new to learn.

You can find out more about how Cyber Security is structured and how ASOS Cyber Security helps engineering teams become more secure at ASOS here.

ASOS Cyber Security also use a lot of machine learning and you can find out more here.

One of the great aspects of the CISO role is that it allows me to work across entire companies, and help them to understand and manage risk in the most rounded way possible and to build resilience. I also sit on a number of National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency advisory groups and I’m the convener of the British Retail Consortium’s IT Community.

A big thank you to Arterm Shelduko for his Galada theme.

Image (c) George Mudie 2017